This time, the fish have conducted an experiment to observe which fruits and vegetables float and which sink. To begin with, we have formulated a hypothesis based on the idea that heavier pieces would float and the lighter ones would sink.

Afterwards, we have prepared some containers full of water and we went outside with the baskets to test our hypothesis. Next, we have plunged the fruits and vegetable one by one into the containers to see if we were right in our predictions. Immediately, we have observed that the potato sinks whereas the banana, tangerine, orange, cucumber, apple and pumpkin float.

Afterwards, we wanted to test whether by peeling or cutting the pieces that previously had floated we could make them sink. After peeling the banana, the tangerine and the orange we were able to verify that they do sink, although when we cut the apple, the pear, and the cucumber in half, they kept floating.

That is why we have found out that weight and volume are not determining factors in buoyancy, therefore we have concluded that if an object is denser than water, it sinks, and otherwise it floats.

Finally, back in the classroom we have shared our conclusions and we reflected them in a written form on our worksheets.

Alumnos/as de 5 años.