Fish are experiencing some very special and significant days for us, given that carrying our garden project out is especially exciting. After all the research works done about fruits and vegetables during the school year at home and at school, we have discovered that, although fruits and vegetables can be planted at any time of the year, we had to choose an appropiate variety according to the climate and the season we are in.

On one hand, Mía’s grandfater brought us a small bad full of bean seeds, as well as we got the help from Olivia’s mother in order to get some strawberry sprouts. On the other hand, it was required to weigh up what other vegetables we could plant, taking into account the weather and the seedlings we already had. Since there are plants which are «friends», that is to say, they help each ther to grow healthy and strong. Therefore, we also decided to plant some carrots, onions, spinach and aromatic plants.

Aromatic plants are indispensabe to avoid infestations in our vegetable patch and to attract bees due to the pollination work is claimed. We were able to smell, observe and touch different aromatic such as rosemary, sage and lavender. We also got calendula seed, however, we will plant them later, given that their ideal climate for the sowing is at the end of winter.

Before starting to plant, the organisation of the vegetable garden was very important. We had to tke into account the number of shoots which we were going to plant and the separation length.

Once organized, we left the bean seeds to soak for 24 hours before sowing them, in order to make their germination process easier. The next day, we prepared the hoe, the spades and te substratum and we began to dig small holes and insert the seeds.

During the week we finished transplanting the rest of the strawberry, carrot, onion and spinach shoots. This process has been very delicate and beautiful beacuse we have gone out with our friends in groups and we have collaborated together. With the help of the tools, we dug small holes again, then inserted the sprout and finally we covered the roots with soil.

Finally, with the bean seeds and spinach and strawbeery sprouts which were left over, we decided to plant them in the jardiniere and the flower pots of our porch.

From this point on we must take care and water according to the weather and maintain order and cleanliness to avoid infestations in the vegetable garden.

Alumnos/as de 5 años.